A gift that keeps on giving

When you donate or buy someone a Gift for Good, you are not just gifting a loved one with a unique gift. You are helping people in poverty around the world with life essentials, restoring their dignity and adding happiness to their lives.

Simply choose a gift (single product, or amount based) that you'd like to buy in honour of your loved ones. Next, choose a card design you like best. Finally, proceed to complete the transaction and that's it!

For every Gift for Good purchased, we'll send a beautiful gift card to your loved ones via email, and show them the unique act you have performed on their behalf.


Hope for Orphans

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Provide a brighter future for orphans around the world

Sadaqah Jaariyah Gift

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Provide ongoing reward for you and your loved ones by donating towards a Sadaqah Jaariyah project

Their Food Is Your Sacrifice


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Sacrifice an animal to feed starving communities

Build a Well


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Provide clean water for impoverished communities

Health Care


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Your gift will provide essential health care to impoverished communities

Education for All


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Provide education for children around the world



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Art by Alavia Lawler



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Art by Sumaya Asvat



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Art by Mirela Cufurovic



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Art by Leila Celahmatovic.



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Art by Fathiah Raihan.

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