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The situation in Palestine needs no introduction. In recent escalation of the ongoing violence, over 200 Palestinians including dozens of children have been killed and hundreds have been wounded. Thousands of lives have been affected. 

MAA has conducted a needs assessment, and has launched an Emergency Appeal to assist with essential humanitarian aid in Jerusalem as well as Gaza. The injuries from the conflict vary from bullet hits to the spleen, legs, head and chest to those from explosions and air raids. As the existing medical infrastructure in Palestine is fragile, our focus will be to provide general medical aid and supplies, clothes, dignity kits for our sisters, and food packs. 

Despite the ceasefire, which is no doubt a relief, we need to remember that at least 1.9 million Palestinians still experience, or are at risk of, conflict and violence, displacement and denial of access to livelihoods, among other threats. The most vulnerable Palestinians are currently denied or restricted in their access to essential services such as water and health care. Denied freedom of movement and many human rights, thousands of Palestinians are stuck in limbo, unable to enter or leave the Gaza Strip. As a result, they lack access to adequate medical care, and the ability to work and pursue education.

MAA has provided humanitarian aid to Palestine for decades now, and we will continue to do so. Our work does not only revolve around emergency relief, it also focuses on the long-term rebuilding and rehabilitation of those who have been suffering for such a long time. 

We urge you to donate generously to support the Palestine Emergency Appeal and help our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Jerusalem- Palestine.