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The state of eye care in Africa stands in alarming contrast to that of the rest of the world. Poor practitioner-to-patient ratios, absence of eye-care personnel, inadequate facilities, poor state funding and a lack of educational programs has lead to preventable and treatable conditions being the leading cause of blindness throughout Africa.

In Kenya there is an estimated 300,000 blind people (0.7% of the population). Of the 300,000 people living with blindness in Kenya, approximately 43% are affected by cataracts, with an added annual incidence rate of more than 14,500 new cases annually.

MAA has developed a project aimed at reducing the prevalence of blindness by treating preventable blindness in isolated and poverty stricken nomadic communities in arid and isolated parts of Kenya.

Through this project you can contribute directly to improving the quality of life of these individuals and to improving the overall economic, social and health conditions for them, their families and their communities.

For just $50 you can help cure avoidable blindness for someone in need.