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Revive the Sunnah with these miswaks in holders.

The medical benefit with Miswaak has been extensively recorded. A number of research have indicated that Miswaak, when used properly, is a superb anti-microbial toothbrush for dental hygiene and gum infection cure, minimizing plaque and gingivitis, teeth whitening and relieving smelly breath, whilst giving you a nice mouth odor. It has established that the Miswaak has effective ingredients which aren't generally present in toothpastes with anticariogenic and anti-inflammatory hypoglycemic functions.

The usage of Miswak is a way of cleaning the mouth and is pleasing to Allah (The Almighty). The Miswak is a stick through which a person cleans the mouth. A great Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace). Moreover it is a Sunnah of all the Messengers of Allah (upon them all be peace), for they used the Miswak.

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