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On 16 January 1993, Fathi Karra-Hassan was born. Fathi is an Arabic name that means “one who guides others”, “one who begins” or “something that is open”.
On Thursday, 16 February 2017, the Karra Hassan family lost their eldest son, Fathi, in a motorbike accident. He’d just turned 24.
Fathi’s family approached Muslim Aid Australia following the unexpected death and overwhelming community support because they are committed to smart, sustainable solutions. They wanted to ensure that everything done in Fathi’s memory was going to have a life changing impact on the community.

Fathi The Opening is a charity initiative supported by Muslim Aid Australia. It aims to build a sustainable community in a remote village, Tanna, Vanuatu.

This project involves the construction of:
  • a school and training centre
  • dwellings for the teachers
  • a medical centre
  • a dispensary
  • an ambulance
Education is a basic human right, as is access to clean water and health care. Often, emergency relief and crises are the focus of international efforts, due to the dire need. We want to consciously remember our neighbours, and help them build a better future. We have the opportunity to proactively create a positive social impact on the people of Tanna.
Fathi’s family are connected to him through this place and it is as much a remedy for their hearts, as it is a contribution to the community of Tanna.

?Help build a sustainable projects for our brothers and sisters in Vanuatu and earn ongoing rewards for both you and Fathi, inshaAllah.