One of the banes of modern medicine is the exorbitant cost of remedy that has rendered medical services in many parts of the world inaccessible to the poor. The consequences of this situation are dire indeed as easily preventable and treatable diseases are causing death and unnecessary long term suffering to millions. Further, without good health, the survival and economic self-sufficiency of individuals and their communities are in jeopardy.

MAA provides emergency medical and health relief in conflict situations as well as developing long term initiatives. We also conduct training for doctors, provide field and hospital medical equipment and develop health awareness programmes. Our long term approach to health care provision aims to give communities a real chance of future success.

Operational Ethos:

MAA’s Health & Medical programmes aim to provide primary healthcare facilities and prevention of diseases. Simultaneously MAA recognises the importance of addressing the emotional as well as the physical wellbeing of the disadvantaged.

Case study – Clear Vision for Kenya:

MAA International and local partner NGO, Horn of African Relief and Development Agency, implemented a project that reduced blindness in patients by treating preventable blindness cases in impoverished nomadic communities in isolated areas of Kenya. The eye camp took place in a local hospital in Habeswein that was manned by doctors from Kenya and medical students from right across the country.