Orphan Aid


Nurturing an orphan with healthy food, medical care, clean clothes and access to education, increases the likelihood of them becoming positive members of their communities. It provides them a safe and protective environment to grow to their full potential.

MAA's General Orphan Care programme: A simple option to start caring for an orphan, the General Orphan Care programme allows you to donate a recurring amount of either $25 or $50 per month, and helps provides a stable and steady lifestyle for orphans. You also have the option to make a donation of any amount if you wish through our General Orphan Care (Any Amount) option. Regardless of which option you choose, we will use your donations to:

- Clothe hundreds of orphans
- Provide medical and dental treatment  
- Provide proper learning opportunities
- Put hundreds of mothers at ease who worry about feeding their children

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was himself an orphan, and he encouraged us in aiding orphans with this Hadith he said: 

“I and the person who takes care of an orphan will be together like this in paradise” [then he raised his index and middle finger together] -  Bukhari

Set up a Orphan Aid donation today, and be the reason our orphans can look forward to a bright future.