Water is a basic human necessity and a vital natural resource for all aspects of life.

Today, more than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Unfortunately, access to clean water is a right that has been denied to many of the poorest people in the world.

MAA believe that everyone should be able to access clean water and that this access underpins all other aspects of development.

Operational Ethos:

MAA’s water and sanitation programmes incorporate building infrastructure, improving sanitation and developing hygiene awareness.

Case study – Water wells:

Mariam lives in a very remote area of Southern Somalia. Walking over 14kms a day in the blistering heat to fetch an extremely heavy jerry can filled with very questionable drinking water meant that schooling was just a dream.

Once MAA assessed Mariam’s situation we began the construction of a water well in Mariam's village. The well now benefits her whole village of 200 households.

"Having a water well in our village means that myself and the other women in our village can now get an education." – Mariam