WASH (or WaSH) is an acronym that stands for "water, sanitation and hygiene". Universal, affordable and sustainable access to WASH is a key public health issue within international development.

At MAA, we believe that everyone should have access to clean drinking water and that this access underpins all other aspects of development. Today, more than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. MAA’s water and sanitation programmes incorporate building infrastructure, improving sanitation and developing hygiene awareness.

MAA Designed Wells

Meet Faisal

Faisal lves in a remote area of Somalia. He used to walk several kilometres a day in blistering heat, to fetch a jerry can of water that was not safe for drinking. He then had to carry this heavy jerry can back home. This labour took most of the day which meant that going to school was just a dream for Faisal.

There are many other kids like Faisal in her village. When MAA was made aware of the situation, we completed our assessment of the village and began construction of a water well. This well now benefits the entire village of several hundred households.